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"BRV MUG" stands for Black River Valley Macintosh User Group. This nonprofit group is intended for all Mac users who live in Lewis county (NY), plus surrounding areas. (Lewis county is located in upstate NY, roughly between Utica and Watertown.)

Why belong to a Mac user group? Here are a few reasons:

  1. It is a vehicle for members to share their computer experiences with other members (e.g. tricks they have learned with a particular software program, interesting sites they have found on the Internet, etc.). Considering the complications of using computers these days, it is foolish for anyone to try to "reinvent the wheel".
  2. To form special interest subgroups (e.g. educators, MYOB users, video enthusiasts, etc.).
  3. There is training on a particular subject (e.g. ClarisWorks) at every meeting.
  4. Meetings are a chance to ask technical questions and learn troubleshooting tips.
  5. Each meeting is an opportunity to buy or sell computer related equipment.
  6. Members can often save money due to special discounts offered by some vendors only to user groups.

    The Bottom Line: To make your Mac experience more fun and productive!

WHEN? BRV MUG had been meeting one evening a month, at 7 PM.

WHERE? The group had been meeting at South Lewis High School’s Mac lab. This site was selected as:

WHAT’S THE COST? Current BRV MUG dues are only $1 per session! (This goes to pay the rent of the Mac lab, plus other misc costs the group incurs.)

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  • Click here to E-Mail BRV MUG president, Isabelle Mylan.

    As a sample of the help available from this user group, we are making available to you a list of FIFTY GREAT INTERNET sites. We update this list fairly frequently, and recommend making a bookmark for this list!!! The list is divided as follows:

    1. Computer (mostly Macintosh) related sites, and
    2. Other interesting locations that we have roughly grouped by subject matter.

    Click here for Great Internet Sites. ENJOY!

    As a service to local Mac users, consultant John Droz has published a website detailing some of the differences between Macs and PCs:

    Click here for Mac vs PC info.

    We have created our very own Mac Troubleshooting Page. The idea here is to go through all the steps you need to follow to solve even your most complex problem. This is VERY worth checking out!

    Click here for Mac Troubleshooting Page

    Since many local users are switching to a cable Internet connection (RoadRunner, by Time-Warner), we have created our own RoadRunner Installation and Troubleshooting Page.

    Click here if you are planning on having RoadRunner installed,
    OR if you are having trouble maintaining your RoadRunner connection.

    As still another service, we occasionally get feedback that the Netscape Communicator browser (our recommendation) quits unexpectedly. To make sure that you have things setup correctly, here is our Netscape Troubleshooting Page.


    A good weather site that you may want to bookmark is: Lewis County (Lowville) weather.

    Comments about or Suggestions for this site?

    Click here to E-Mail BRV MUG consultant, John Droz.

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