NYS Hall Of Fame

This list is intended to recognize that some towns in NYS do indeed have the best interests of ALL of their citizens as their primary objective, not just those few who may profit from the industrial wind power business. Kudos to the representatives there for doing their job!

1 - NYS towns that have passed a citizen-oriented wind ordinance:
      Cape Vincent
      Cherry Valley
      South Bristol

2 - NYS towns that are amending wind power ordinances to make them more strict:

NYS Community Hall Of Fame

This list identifies some towns in NYS that capitulated to the siren song of industrial wind power’s financial lures, forcing local citizen groups to take legal action to protect their rights and freedoms. Note: There are MANY other communities (too numerous to list) where local citizens are valiantly fighting this scourge. Their communities will be added if a lawsuit becomes necessary.

1 - NYS communities where local citizens have successfully sued wind power developers, or their town:

2 - NYS communities where a lawsuit against wind power developers (or their town) is pending:

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