St Lawrence County and New York State Snowmobile Associations

Trail Insurance - The 500 miles of Snowmobile Trails in St. Lawrence Co. as well as the 9,000 across the State are insured and are open. The Insurance policy is provided to the NYSSA and it's member clubs and is paid for by the New York State Department of Parks and Recreation from the Snowmobile Registration funds. Last year it was costing $65 a mile.

Adopt A Natural Resource - The County Snowmobile Assoc. and the DEC have signed an agreement that allows the Assoc. to Adopt the Snowmobile Trails in St. Lawrence Co.on State Land. The Assoc. is authorized to Groom them and perform routine maintenance. Our club in Cranberry operate two class-A (large) groomers & a sled with 4’ drag, owned by the St. Lawrence County Snowmobile Association, manned 100% by volunteers, whose efforts result in some of the very best riding conditions in the state!

Trail / Grooming Notes ( See TRAIL CONDITIONS for the latest status )


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Club Member Dues:

Of the dues you pay for membership:

Single Membership: $25.00 ...$10.00 goes to CLMSC (Cranberry Lake Mountaineers Snowmobile Club)

                                              $10.00 goes to SLCSA (St. Lawrence County Snowmobile Association)

                                              $ 5.00 goes to New York State Snowmobile Association


Family Membership: $25.00...$10.00 goes to CLMSC

                                            $10.00 goes to SLCSA

                                            $ 5.00 goes to New York State Snowmobile Association


CLMSC dues are used for club expenses, emergency equipment repairs, trail clearing equipment and protective gear, educational classes such as the Snowmobile Safety Classes, charitable donations, and any other expenses not covered by the NYS Snowmobile Trail Development and Maintenance Fund. We are a 100% volunteer club!  In December we purchased two Satellite Telephone’s, one for each of our large groomers. For the very 1st time, we can now make a phone out on the trails in the event of an emergency or breakdown! Your dues dollars made this possible & for that we thank you.



The Club publishes two newsletters a year full of snowmobiling information. The Club Membership also includes memberships in the St. Lawrence County and New York State Snowmobile Associations. If you haven’t already heard, snowmobile registration fees are increasing from $45. to $100. as of 8/31/06, unless you belong to a snowmobile clubPlease join our’s, the largest club in St. Lawrence County with some of the best trails in the State! 

Membership application (click on)              Thank you for your support!          Ride safely & we’ll see you on the trail J

Club Officers / Directors – 2008 – 2009:

President – Darren Bullard

Vice President – Todd Szlamczynski

Treasurer – Mark Glendenning

Membership & Correspondence – Deanna Page

Recording Secretary – Kim Schneider

Director – Bob Tebo

Director – Chuck “Bosco” Trembley

Director – Kenny Maxwell