Toxic Tide: No Place to Hide

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Citizen Action Planning Ideas:

Environmental Conferences in the Region:

Everyday Carcinogens: Stopping Cancer Before It Starts
A Public Hearing & Workshop
March 26-27, 1999
Hamilton, Ontario
Sponsored by Health Canada
Information from Rachel Gillooly
1-877-372-2435 toll free 705-454-8107
6th Annual International Conference on the St. Lawrence River Ecosystem
Sharing Knowledge, Linking Sciences: Transitions in the St. Lawrence River
April 26-28, 1999
Cornwall, Ontario
Information from Christina Collard
Phone: 613-936-6621
FAX: 613-936-1803
St. Lawrence River Institute Institute of Environmental Sciences
111 Montreal Road, Suite 144
Cornwall, Ontario K6H 1E1

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