Toxic Tide: No Place to Hide

Part 1: Why we did this work

When the Jefferson and St. Lawrence County Branches of AAUW began to plan with the Kingston, Belleville, Brockville and Cornwall Clubs of CFUW for a follow-up forum on environment and health, the focus soon became concern about the increasing incidence of cancer and lack of information about the carcinogens in this area.

We agreed that the conference would look at:

It is one thing to be concerned about cancer. It is another thing to do something about it. "Can we do something about it?" we asked ourselves. We knew that cancer was of great concern in our area. Many people believe there is a high incidence here and they think this incidence is related to environmental pollution. Beyond that, we discovered, we were not very well informed.

We realized that if we were to come up with a plan of action at the AAUW/CFUW forum, we first had to educate ourselves. Is cancer incidence really so high in St. Lawrence and Jefferson Counties as everyone seems to think? If it is high, is it because of environmental pollution? If so, what pollutants are responsible, where do they come from, how are we exposed to them, and what can we do about it?

This is a preliminary report of what we did, what we found, what we didn't find, our conclusions and our recommendations to the AAUW/CFUW forum. We will continue to draw on these materials and search for more for the purposes of preparing educational materials and furthering our efforts for a healthy environment. A more comprehensive report will follow.

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