Toxic Tide: No Place to Hide

Part 2: What we did

Our first step was to apply for two grants:

As an introduction to the issues, we read:

We started an email list to circulate information relevant to our inquiry. Postings on this list were circulated to a wider list of AAUW members in New York State and several CFUW members in Ontario.

In planning our strategy with Dr. Gould, we decided to collect information on:

  1. Cancer incidence in St. Lawrence and Jefferson Counties;
  2. Carcinogens in our environment;
  3. Health impacts of carcinogens;
  4. Exposure routes for these carcinogens; and
  5. What other communities are doing on this issue.

Our main sources of information are listed below.

1. Cancer incidence in St. Lawrence and Jefferson Counties

2. Carcinogens in our environment

3. Health impacts of carcinogens

On the health impacts of carcinogens, the following are some of the many studies, papers, brochures, books and videos that we reviewed and assembled:

4. What other communities are doing

Important information about what other communities are doing came from two books already mentioned, Living Downstream by Sandra Steingraber, and No Safe Place by Phil Brown and Edwin Mikkelsen. In addition, we obtained the following: