Toxic Tide: No Place to Hide

Part 5: What this means - our conclusions

At the beginning of this study, we asked ourselves the questions:

As we saw above, we do not have a complete answer to the first question. Incidence of some cancers are higher, some are lower. Overall cancer incidence in women is higher than the state average in Jefferson, lower in St. Lawrence County.

To the second question, we can answer definitively that cancer incidence is high, even if it is not higher than the state average. We can also answer definitively that this high cancer incidence is linked to environmental pollution.

To the third question, we know in general what pollutants are responsible, and we know where they come from. We know that there are a lot of bullets out there, and we are pulling the trigger. We are still dealing with the question of what to do about it.

Following are some of our conclusions, based on our study so far:

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