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Women in Politics

Women in Politics, a website guide to finding out current and historical information about women involved in every aspect of politics in the United States.

A Timeline of Women in Politics from 1776 to 1993.

The Women as Politicians site looks at the role women play in all three branches of federal government, and in state government. The , chronological biographies of the women who have served in Congress.

The Glass Ceiling's page of Women in Politics

Who are the Women in Congress?

Equal Rights Party History Project, a collaborative history project to collect biographical information about the 545 founders of the Equal Rights Party (1872-1888) that ran Victoria Woodhull and Belva Lockwood for president.

Women in Politics, a guide to current and historical women's roles in politics as politicians, social reformers, and religious leaders.

International Directory of Women's Political Leadership 1995

Women's History Resources
2005: Anniversaries in Women's History

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