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Biographies of women golfers

The Women's Professional Volleyball Association (WPVA) was created in 1986 when a group of professional women that included former Olympic and collegiate All-American volleyball players joined together.

96 Years of Women in the Olympics

International Association of Olympic Gold Medalists

The History of Women's Basketball - More than a century of women's hoops precedes the WNBA, with biographies of the WNBA players.

Lady Hoopsters, a History of Women's Basketball in America by Linda Ford

History of Women's Basketball, a webpage that provides information about the development of the women's game as well as its current history, with links, bios, and other interesting information.

Women's Basketball Hall of Fame, with the history and current events in women's basketball.

History of women's soccer Legendary Ladies of Baseball, the history of Women's Professional Baseball.

Women in Baseball

Index of USA gymnastic athlete biographies.

WWW Women's Sports Page Links to women's sports pages around the Web.

Everything you want to know about women's sports can be found at WWWomen! Sports Page.

Women's Sports Foundation, including the Most Influential Achievements in Women's Sports

Women's Sports Foundation 17th Annual Salute to Women: Pass the Torch: 1996 Inductees

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2005: Anniversaries in Women's History

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