St. Lawrence County Branch

American Association of University Women

3 Year Strategic Plan for 2002-05

I. St. Lawrence County AAUW will be recognized as the leading advocate for Education and Equity for women and girls in the northern region of New York State.

  1. Our branch will continue to expand the Open Windows for Opportunity program for St. Lawrence County girls.
  2. Our branch will develop specific programs to increase awareness and participation, including fund-raising activities with specific giving targets to support the Educational Foundation and the Legal Advocacy Fund.
  3. Our branch will continue to expand our successful community action projects (i.e., Women's History Projects, Women's History Round Tables, gender equity in Title IX areas, etc.) to promote education and equity for women and girls.
  4. Our branch will continue to work in coalition with and network with other organizations to further the AAUW mission of equity for all women and girls.
  5. Our branch will strive to increase diversity in all projects and in membership.

II. St. Lawrence County AAUW will be a catalyst for change that furthers the mission of the national Association.

  1. Our branch will communicate with branch members about AAUW public policy priorities to educate and encourage them to lobby decision-makers at local, state and federal levels.
  2. Our branch will provide election information to educate and motivate voters.
  3. Our branch will work to enhance local, state and national AAUW visibility to educate others about the Association's mission, including developing our use of technology to further the work of the branch and the AAUW mission.
  4. Our branch will develop a local alternative membership category to broaden membership to include graduates with two- or three-year degrees.
  5. Our branch will help to create a Women's Organization Coalition of St. Lawrence County

III. St. Lawrence County AAUW will have an active, growing and diverse membership.

  1. Our branch will actively recruit and make welcome membership groups who are underrepresented in the branch.

    Create a Membership Team with a working budget that develop a plan to increase membership by 5% by Feb. 1 of each year. The plan will focus on these areas:

    1. Member retention
    2. Contact & recruit MALs
    3. Identify underrepresented groups in the county using census data
    4. Create a clipping service to identify new people to the county community to contact about membership
    5. Track Give-a-Grad-a-Gift recruited members
  2. Our branch will provide leadership opportunities and training for branch members, including support and encouragement to attend the Fall District conference; the NYS AAUW Convention, and events sponsored by other AAUW branches.
  3. Our branch will strengthen its relationship with the college/university representatives in our area and cultivate a relationship of mutual cooperation with all the local colleges.
  4. Our branch will develop a student affiliate group serving the students of the four area colleges.

Adopted: 9 June 2002

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