Toxic Tide: No Place to Hide

A Preliminary Report on Cancer and the Environment in the North Country
by the Jefferson and St. Lawrence County Branches
of the American Association of University Women
October 1998

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This report is dedicated to the memory of Astasia M. (Stacy) Hammill (1915 - 1998). "Become informed, then participate as a responsible citizen" was her motto. Stacy participated in the first AAUW-CFUW forum on environmental issues "For Land's Sake" in 1987, and helped with planning workshops for the follow-up forum in 1989 "For Land's Sake: What Will It Take?" She served on the planning committee for the fourth forum for which this report is being prepared, until the pain from bone cancer kept her at home. Stacy's commitment to the environment continues to inspire us all.


This report was compiled by the joint efforts of :

Carolyn Brox, Peggy Coe, Marie Watkins and Audrey Reitzel of the Jefferson County AAUW and Stacy Hammill, Ann Heidenreich, Judith Wagner, Katherine Briggs and Beverly Washburn of the St. Lawrence Co. Branch of AAUW.

Special thanks to Dr. Kenneth Gould of St. Lawrence University and Dr. Maria Hepel of the State University of New York at Potsdam and their respective student research assistants Michael P. Connett, Jessica Semanscin and Earl Tewksbury.

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