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"Because Equity is Still an Issue."

For more information: AAUW Fact Sheets and Position Papers on Affirmative Action, Athletics, Education, Managed Care Reform, Reproductive Rights, and Social Security Reform.

Full calendar of the NYS election cycle for 2014

2015 GOtV (Get Out theVote)

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NYS's Sunlight Site is a site which Attorney General Cuomo's office has developed to let us see the internal results of campaign financing. You can learn the source of a candidate's funds, the legislation representatives have sponsored and the laws governing special interests. It is a wonderful source of information, useful to all of us.

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Take Our Daughters to the Polls

A new campaign has been launched to call on all parents to take their daughters to the polls when they vote on Election Day. The “Take Our Daughters to the Polls” campaign encourages adults to speak with their daughters about the importance of voting and to show them how to participate in the electoral process. The campaign was created by the White House Project, a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing women’s leadership in the United States, and supported by numerous national organizations, including AAUW. You can participate by signing the pledge to take a young girl to the polls on Nov. 4 and by spreading the word.

- from AAUW's Washington Update for October 3, 2008.

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The Sunlight Foundation

A great organization to empower watchdogs! The foundation is using the power of the Internet to "shine a light on the interplay of money, lobbying, influence and government in Washington in ways never before possible." They have compiled a great list of helpful sites for those of us wanting the insider's scoop on all things government and politics.

Just a few of the sites that the Sunlight Foundation features - and in some cases, funds - include:

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The Power of One Vote

Your one vote can make a difference.

- from AAUW's Action Alert, Sept. 2004.

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