The Lords Lending Ministry

Complete Bible Commentaries & Studies on Cassette Tape

Our Mission:

The Ministry is here to aid you in the study of Gods Word. We help you do this by lending audio and video tapes. These tapes are designed to assist you with the study of the Bible. Complete Bible Studies by Pastor Chuck Smith Calvary Chapel and Word for Today of Costa Mesa, Ca..
Topical Commentaries and In Depth studies from Genesis through Revelation are available.
Included in our library are tapes from FireFighters for Christ. Also, a series of audio tapes done by Dave Hunt is available for anyone to borrow.

How to Borrow:

We will send you any one of the tapes available, all you need to do is submit a request to us. Your requested tape(s) will be shipped to you postage prepaid by us. We will also include the labels, mailers and return postage for returning the tapes when you are finished. An annual donation of $25.00 is requested. Postage is prepaid for shipment within the United States only.

The Commentaries by Pastor Chuck are also available on video tape for a small rental fee.
For more information and free Catalogs you can reach us at:
The Lord's Lending Ministry
264 Mace Chasm Rd.
Keeseville, New York 12944-9727
United States
Telephone 518.834.7901
Fax 518.834.4694

Please go to our online form to contact us through the Internet.

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