The Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs is an acknowledged administrative agency for the Mohawk people. As a full member of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, it has a nation-to-nation relationship with the United States via the Treaty of Canadaigua, a very powerful position.

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The Iroquois Thanksgiving Address

Iroquois Thanksgiving AddressOhenton Kariwahtekwen (Thanksgiving Address):Greetings to the Natural World.

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Akwesasne Freedom School

Akwesasne Notes Magazine

Akwesasne Notes

For over 25 years Notes has represented an international news voice for the Native People in the Americas. Written, produced and distributed from the Mohawk Indian Community at Akwesasne, Notes dedicates each issue to covering such stories as Indian Treaty Rights, the Environment, cultural activities, and political actions nationwide.

Its award-winning news coverage has become a necessary part of contemporary Indian Society. Our newspaper has been cited as a primary source for writers, historians, anthropologists, examining Indian issues and concerns over the past generation.

Subscription Information and a Listing of the Fall 1995 Issue (Special double Issue) articles.

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